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President Samia Makes Changes in Cabinet and Regional Administration

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Minor adjustments have been made by President Samia Suluhu Hassan, including the removal of one minister from the government, the transfer of deputy ministers, and the appointment of new Permanent Secretaries and deputies.

Samia has also moved the ministry of investments from the position of the prime minister to that of the president.

The adjustments come shortly after Samia made another small adjustment on February 14, when Minister of Culture, Arts, and Sports Mohamed Mchengerwa was moved to the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources in exchange for Ambassador Pindi Chana.

On the same note, Samia also made changes to two permanent secretaries, she appointed Dr. Hassan Abbas as PS of the Ministry of Tourism and Natural resources and Said Yakub as PS of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports.

In a reshuffle announced on Sunday February 26, by the state house directorate of communications, Abdallah Ulega has been promoted as the Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, replacing Mashimba Ndaki.

In addition to that, the head of state has removed the position of permanent secretary of fisheries and instead the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries will now have one PS and two deputy general secretaries, respectively.