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Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja Stops Eviction of 87-year-old Woman

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Ms Aisha Nakanwagi, 87, and her relatives can breathe a sigh of relief after Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja ordered a halt to all activities on land claimed by the family.

The 6.5-acre disputed land in Kasijjagirwa Village, Masaka City, pits Nakanwagi’s family against two businessmen, Mr Francis Mbuga and Mr Deus Kakeeto, who claim to have purchased the land.

Last month, Masaka Chief Magistrate Sylvia Nvanungi issued an order evicting Nakanwagi’s family unless she pays a Shs50 million fine to Kakeeto and Kalega, who sold their interests to Mbuga.

Ms Nabbanja, however, asked both warring parties not to do anything with the disputed land on Sunday and condemned the actions of destroying houses and plantations belonging to Nakanwagi’s family. According to available documents, the eviction order was issued on January 25 and was enforced three days later.

Ms Nabbanja revealed that Chief Justice Mr Alfonse Owiny-Dollo will review the court judgment to determine whether or not it was issued in accordance with the proper procedures.

“Let the court do its work; we only need those who were occupying this land to stay on it until our investigations begin,” Ms Nabbanja said.