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Senegal’s Prime Minister Aminata Toure View On Senegal 2024

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Aminata Toure, former prime minister of Senegal, says she will continue to battle against a potential third term for President Macky Sall, who has been mum about his plans for the 2024 election.

This week, Toure had her parliamentary seat removed, a decision she claims was purely motivated by her opposition to President Sall’s possible candidacy.

“In my opinion, President Macky Sall shouldn’t seek reelection a third time. In an interview with VOA French to Africa this week, Toure said, “We both campaigned for the 2016 constitution, which clearly states that no one can compete for more than two consecutive terms.

The president’s supporters say the 2016 constitution allows him to run again, while his critics say it does not.

In removing Toure from parliament, Senegal’s ruling coalition cited her decision to leave the party, under which she was elected.

Toure told VOA that her former colleagues violated article 60 of the constitution by not notifying her in advance and not organizing a hearing. “I heard it from the radio,” she said, calling the decision illegal.

Toure has been highly critical of the ruling party since her bid to lead the parliament failed in September, and she has accused President Sall of failing to support her.