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The Joyce Banda Foundation International

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The Joyce Banda Foundation (JBFI) is a non-profit charitable foundation that aims to educate and empower the less advantaged to advance the development agenda.

For twenty five years the Foundation has implemented their work under the foundations’ four building blocks: Academic Excellency, Service to Humanity, Universal Values, and Global Understanding, through which we have empowered rural women in key skills for their economic empowerment and educated boys and girls through the Joyce Banda Foundation Schools; since its establishment in 1997.

Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda started The Joyce Banda Foundation in 1997 as a tool to empower women and youth at community level.

The Foundation formalized the work Her Excellency, Dr. Joyce Banda had been implementing since she was in her twenties, which included; feeding the poor, empowering the powerless, fighting for the oppressed and taking up the cause of the disadvantaged.

Today, with more than 200 employees, and over 3000 beneficiaries, the foundation continues to carry out Dr. Banda’s vision through its work, partnerships across Malawi, and beyond.

The foundation, while established by Her Excellency, Dr. Banda, building on her work, the foundation is wholly independent of her political career and philanthropic works.

JBFI is anchored on holistic thinking premised on the belief that women are an integral part of the continent’s development; therefore, our approach is designed to create a platform that delivers services and advocates for education, health, and women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and equality.

The foundation follows its founders’ approach toward empowerment. The foundation’s founder, Her Excellency, Dr. Joyce Banda, is a Women’s Rights champion as key to development. She explains her approach as envisioning a household and providing support for that support to excel.