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Togo’s Prime Minister Victoire Sidémého Dzidudu Dogbé Tomegah Among 100 Most Reputable Africans’ in 2023

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Reputation Poll International, a leading global reputation firm, has released the 2023 list of the 100 most reputable Africans. The list features individuals from diverse sectors including governance, human rights, education, entertainment, and business.

The selection criteria are integrity, impact and visibility.

Victoire Sidémého Dzidudu Dogbé Tomegah (born 23 December 1959) is a Togolese politician who has served as the Prime Minister of Togo since 28 September 2020. She is the first woman to hold the office.

Before becoming head of government, Tomegah Dogbé was previously the Minister of Grassroots Development, Handicrafts, Youth and Youth Employment in the Komi Sélom Klassou Government and the Cabinet Director of President Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé.

Tobegah Dogbe was named prime minister on 28 September 2020 by President Faure Gnassingbe after the resignation of Komi Selom Klassou.