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Who is Tunisia’s Prime Minister, Najla Bouden Romdhane?

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Tunisia Prime Minister, Najla Bouden Romdhane, is a trained academic and geologist, was appointed as the new head of government back in 2019 , with the first task of assembling the new government team. As a result, she is the country’s first female president.

Tunisia’s government is led by a female prime minister for the first time. Najla Bouden has been tasked with leading this mission.

Najla Bouden, born in 1958, is a trained academic and scientist. She is a geologist with a PhD from the National School of Mines in Paris. She previously taught geology at Tunis’s National School of Engineers (ENIT).

She has a master’s degree in petroleum exploration as well. Until her appointment, this Kairouan native served as General Director and Head of the Higher Education Modernisation Project’s Management Unit.

In 2015, she was also a Policy Officer in the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s Cabinet.

One of the prime minister’s and her government’s main missions will be “to put an end to the corruption and chaos that has spread to many state institutions,” said Tunisian President Kas Saed.

The new prime minister’s appointment has been greeted positively, particularly by the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women, which stated that it had requested it from the president.

Najla Bouden Romdhane will have to deal with several issues in addition to forming the new government, including improving Tunisia’s economy.